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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I'm Not A Novice Cooker -.-

Hi. *wave hands*. Yen's here. A student from one of the most prestigious (?) uni in Malaysia. Since in my college we weren't supposed to cook so I'm not revealing where I studied.

On my second year. And baru bawa rice cooker untuk masak2 since cafe's food are toooooooooooooo $$$.

I'm not really a novice cook. Ada juga masak tapi bukan masakan tradisional Melayu. Selalunya masak yang pakai campak2 then siap. Sometimes refer everything solely via facebook. But still jadi. So I'm not really a novice cook, ain't I? Haha. Tapi ni first time masak pakai rice cooker. So I'm keeping here.

If you guys wanna read then you are most welcome. But I shared my experience here mostly so that I can see how I progress throughout my cooking experience lol. *I'm not serious here but hey why not?* I've just started learning to cook decent meals for the time when it happen. *Canon D Major playing at the back* (Okay that's one of the melody being played in a wedding.)

So seat back and enjoy.

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